This is a Now Page, where I publicly share what is currently shaping my days.
  • I am currently on the native land of the Piscataway people, known as Washington DC, where I am a freelance teaching artist and performer!

  • I am currently teaching at Sitar Arts Center, offering classes in Acting and Stage Make Up (website).

  • I am still communicating with my wonderful team up in Monteville, Maine, preparing for another summer of camp and staying up to date on covid protocols and hiring/training staff! (webiste)

  • I am also still helping out with the care of my adorable 18 month old nephew, so make sure to watch my instagram stories for some toddler cuteness.

  • Although I am not creating online content as frequently, I am currently in the process of turning my online comedy content into a stand up act! Stay tuned for updates about where/when I will be performing!