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This is a Now Page, where I publicly share what is currently shaping my days.

  • I am currently on the native land of the Piscataway people, known today as Washington DC, where I work for as a the Director of Storytelling and Marketing for District Bridges; a non-profit that supports small businesses and invests in community.

  • I am a member of iMusical, a Musical Improv ensemble that performs regularly with Washington Improv Theatre at Studio Theatre on 14th Street. Check the website for upcoming performances! (website)

  • Click here to follow me on social media and get tickets to my upcoming shows!

  • Currently listening to: Jensen McRae (her songwriting and soulful voice get me every time! Her albums are on Spotify and Apple music, but she also posts clips of unreleased songs on her IG that are amazing!)

  • Currently eating: Terry's Chocolate Orange (a holiday favorite)

  • Currently reading: Station 11, When Women Were Dragons (the holidays means I actually have time for TWO cool novels!)

  • Thank you to Mary C. Parker for introducing me to the "now page." Check out her amazing work here!




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